Puget Sound Region Economic Solutions Summit Breakdown

Puget Sound Region
Economic Solutions Summit Breakdown:


To plant the seeds of a secure future for our communities of color, by addressing the needs of the local economic development and wealth-building infrastructure critical for educational, employment and entrepreneurial success.

Purpose of the Event?
Our first Annual Summit for Awareness, which offered a forum that is geared toward finding sustainable economic solutions for of our underserved and underutilized communities.  

There are two key components of this event that will help us accomplish this mission: 

  • A forum for civic leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other concerned stakeholders to discuss possible solutions towards strengthening economic opportunities for our underserved communities of color.  This is a crowd of varied experiences, expertise and resources to contribute towards our goal.
  • The Introduction of a collaborative new program coming to the region.  The program serves as a catalyst for bringing additional economic resources alongside building strong partnerships with various dedicated programs throughout the region. 

The summit presentations and discussions will give us the necessary information we need in order to tailor the program based on region-identified needs.



What we do is, in part possible, from Sponsors like you. Our Sponsors for the Puget Sound Region Summit are shown below, and they have our neverending appreciation for their ongoing support!